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We work together to move body and mind

Our individualized treatment helps your body self-regulate, providing relief from your symptoms. You will learn to better understand your body’s signals and reactions, enabling you to move with freedom, safety, and confidence.

Our offerings

FOI® therapy

Functional orthonomy and integration employs a painless treatment to help restore the stability of your joints and their ability to balance the forces in your body.

Dry needling

Release muscle stiffness and trigger points in the body to restore balance.

Pelvic floor therapy

Achieve stability with coordinated exercises to understand and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Sexological bodywork

Somatic coaching and holistic bodywork enable a more nuanced perception of your own body.

Therapeutic techniques

FOI® (functional orthonomy and integration)

FOI® helps you to restore balance in your body. With gentle and painless oscillations that respect your limits, FOI® restores the interconnection and stability of your joints without manipulation. Your joints will move with greater ease and less discomfort, while muscular tension and restrictions in your range of motion will be reduced. FOI® can benefit anyone seeking balance and stability; it can positively impact everyday movements and sports activities.

Dry needling

Dry needling helps you to release trigger points and muscle stiffness, which can arise in a number of ways, including excessive stress through sports, chronically poor posture, or overuse in everyday life (for example, at work). The treatment involves inserting a thin acupuncture needle into a trigger point without medication. The insertion causes a local increase in blood flow, which relieves spasms and can reduce symptoms.

Pelvic floor therapy

Pelvic floor therapy helps you develop a healthy and functional pelvic floor through an individually tailored treatment. The pelvic floor is the connection point between your upper body and your legs and ensures that you maintain control over functions of urination and defecation. Symptoms such as incontinence, chronic constipation, urination disorders, and pain in the genital or anal area are often bound up with shame, even though they can affect anyone, regardless of age and gender. Yet just a few treatments can often bring great relief. The exercises learned in pelvic floor therapy are also suitable as preventive measures before and after prostate surgery or childbirth.

Sexological bodywork

Sexological bodywork employs body-centered techniques and exercises to help you perceive your body holistically and experience sensuality and sexuality in a new way. As a holistic approach, it takes into account the connection between body and mind. In a practice-based exploration, you will come to better understand your needs, learn to set and respect boundaries, and encounter spaces where you can experience sexuality and physical intimacy with confidence.

Prices and health insurance


CHF 125 for 45 minutes

Payment options

Invoice (sent via email)

Basic Swiss health insurance

A physical therapy prescription is prorated and billed directly to your basic health insurance.

Supplementary insurance

Mira Somaini and Claudia Spörri are recognized providers with EMR, Visana, and EGK. Services offered by Praxis Turrim are covered by health insurance, provided that you have purchased the appropriate supplementary insurance for alternative or complementary medicine. For details about your coverage, please contact your health insurance company in advance.

Our team

Mira Somaini

  • FOI® therapist
  • BSc in physiotherapy
  • CAS pelvic floor physiotherapy
  • Sexological bodyworker (Institute ISB)

Movement is at the center of my life. And this also means feeling my body – with scuba diving, on a kiteboard, through aerial acrobatics. As a burlesque performer, I dance across the stage to show that today’s hardbody culture can be met with humor and irony. And in my two relationships and the queer community, I have found a freedom to move in a way that fits me.

My aim in working with FOI® therapy is to help others find this same freedom in their own movements. The method allows treatments to be adapted to the client’s body and not vice versa – a strength it shares with sexological bodywork, which is also focused on finding the right method for each person and their problems.

I find it especially unfortunate that so many people fail to seek help because of the shame they feel about problems with their pelvic floor. Working to fight this shame and help more people with these problems was one of my main motivations for specializing in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Quite often, not much is needed to successfully provide relief from incontinence, frequent urination, pain in the genital area, and similar problems.

Claudia Spörri

  • FOI® therapist
  • BSc in physiotherapy
  • Dry needling


Movement and mobility are central to everything I do. I strive to maintain physical and mental health and agility as a way to help me make it through hectic days. It is in the mountains, in nature, that I recharge my batteries – where I enjoy spending time with my life partner and my children. They teach me to see the world from different perspectives, which helps me stay mindful and connected with myself, and this also helps me in my work with clients.

For quite some time I have been helping people with FOI® therapy. I am fascinated by how physical touch can set psychosomatic processes in motion, enabling extremely subtle corrections in the balance of forces working through our joints. For people in challenging life situations, this can bring about a radical shift as tensions in the body and mind are released.

Sometimes, however, the musculoskeletal system must first be freed from highly resistant blockages or knots. In these cases, I use dry needling as a quick and uncomplicated therapy to help my clients relax.

Our philosophy

Turrim is a Latin word that means tower. The tower in our body is the spine – and like any tower, it needs a firm foundation to provide stability and balance, which in our bodies is located in the pelvic floor. Yet our bodies also need the mobility provided by our individual vertebrae. When these are blocked, the result can be discomfort and restricted movement, triggering symptoms throughout the body.

We can help you restore the stability and mobility that your body requires. With a therapy program tailored specifically to your needs, we help your body self-regulate, providing relief from your symptoms. We consider it imperative that our treatment is as pain-free as possible and moves at your own pace. We can help you restore the stability and mobility that your body requires. With a therapy program tailored specifically to your needs, we help your body self-regulate, providing relief from your symptoms. We consider it imperative that our treatment is as pain-free as possible and moves at your own pace.

To help you better understand the signals and reactions coming from your body, we seek to find the most precise explanation possible for the connections between your symptoms and their causes. We also teach you exercises and methods that allow you to take action yourself and continue this practice on your own.